6 reasons why you should buy a house

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6 reasons why you should buy a house

Your home is your haven. It is where all joys and sorrows are experienced; all trials and tribulations taken care of; all troubles laid to rest. Some seek security, while some seek comfort, and some consider it as a necessary tool to be considered of a certain social status amongst peers.

Given the soaring prices of real estate, people are wont to shy away from investing that kind of money.

So, here are 6 reasons why you ought to buy a house instead of renting one.

It does not tie you down

The common misconception doing the rounds is – if you buy a house in a certain city, you are tied down for life, while encumbered with a financial commitment for most of it. We can understand from where this misconception stems. Housing loans are tenured for 20 to 25 years, and people believe that they need to pay off the whole loan before they can sell the property if and when they have to move. This is quite ridiculous, for you can sell your property at any sweet time it pleases you, irrespective of whether the loan is paid off.

Imagine this: you buy a property worth 15 lakhs and get a loan of the same amount. After 5 years, you decide to shift base (or are in desperate need of money) and need to sell off the house. You can do that without having to wait for the tenure of the loan to get over. You can easily sell your house off at the ongoing rate (it would have appreciated in 5 years), pay the loan amount to the bank, and pocket the profits!

It ain’t only for old people

The availability of easy financing options has made it easier to own your dream home. It is no longer necessary to wait till your 40s and 50s to save enough money to be able to acquire the property of your choice. It is now possible to buy a house in your 20s and own a house sans the mortgages in your 50s (or earlier). You need to be prudent in your selection of a home loan provider – someone who offers the flexibility of tailoring your EMIs to suit your present and future income patterns.

Your roof, your rules

The purchase of a house ensures you have a space of your own – a respite after a long day at work and a tiresome commute. Your own nest offers a sense of security in a world that is spiraling out of control, and its comfort is irreplaceable. No one can dictate terms, tell you whom to invite and whom not to, impose restrictions on your comings and goings, and try to curtail your freedom. Having a house of your own frees you from the invisible shackles that landlords place you in, simultaneously getting rid of the constant follow-ups that are a necessity if and when something needs to be fixed in the house.

Your rent can go towards paying off your EMIs

Paying rent every month, year after year, is just an expenditure that you are never going to get back. You could use your rent money to help pay off the home loan EMIs on your new home. Additionally, with every EMI you pay, your equity in your home goes up! There are a number of properties (hyperlink Sitara to http://www.janapriya.com/projects-sainikpuri-sitara.html) that cost enough to ensure your EMIs do not rise above the rent you currently pay!

Tax benefits

The principal amount of a home loan and the interest incurred can fetch you attractive tax breaks. Renting a place ends up being more expensive than just the rent you pay, because you do not earn any interest on the deposit you pay to the landlord, which can go as high as 10 months’ rent in some places.

Watch your money make more money

When you are going to live in a city for long, it makes sense to buy a house. This gives you a sense of belonging and settlement, while helping you identify with the city’s pace and lifestyle. Not to forget, property prices always go up, making property a smart investment decision. So, the more you delay your property purchase, the more money you will have to shell out (considering the amount you would have had paid towards rent and the increase in the price of the property).

In conclusion:

Buying a property will always be a smart and sensible decision. If you travel around a lot, your own home will provide you with the anchor you need and a place to come back to. An Increase in income levels and disposable incomes, and the availability of easy and innovative loan options and tax incentives, buying a house is the prudent way to go.

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