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Precast technology – everything you need to know

Till a few years ago, workmen hammering away and building structures brick-by- brick, and concrete being poured from huge concrete mixers was a common sight. But, this process has now given way to pre-cast technology. What is pre-cast technology Pre-cast concrete means a concrete portion of a structure that is …

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Buying a house? Here’s the ultimate checklist to help ease the process.

There are so many checklists floating around the Internet, one gets swamped in the sheer amount of information and confusion reigns supreme. So, we decided to create the mother of all checklists – complete with almost every kind of tip imaginable. Conduct a little research on the builder whose property …

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6 reasons why you should buy a house

Your home is your haven. It is where all joys and sorrows are experienced; all trials and tribulations taken care of; all troubles laid to rest. Some seek security, while some seek comfort, and some consider it as a necessary tool to be considered of a certain social status amongst …