Blue Rewards

We reward your timely payments with a handsome cash back!


1st Milestone
Pay Personal Contribution and sign the Agreement of Sale to initiate the Loan Process

2BHK ₹20,000 Cashback   |   3BHK ₹40,000 Cashback


2nd Milestone
First loan disbursement against your home.

2BHK ₹20,000 Cashback   |   3BHK ₹40,000 Cashback

5th Floor

7th Milestone
Loan disbursement on completion of the 5th floor slab.

2BHK ₹20,000 Cashback   |   3BHK ₹40,000 Cashback

10th Floor

12th Milestone
Loan disbursement on completion of the 10th floor slab

2BHK ₹20,000 Cashback   |   3BHK ₹40,000 Cashback


Final Settlement
On settlement of the final outstanding to take possession.

2BHK ₹20,000 Cashback   |   3BHK ₹40,000 Cashback

Total Cash Back 2BHK ₹1,00,000 and 3BHK ₹2,00,000

Terms & Conditions - To qualify for the BLUE Rewards Program, the home buyer must pay his personal contribution and complete due procedure to initiate loan process within the stipulated period of 30 days. Any Payments against Demand Notices, raised as per the Milestones mentioned in the Agreement of Sale, must be made within 10 days of receiving the first communication. Upon failing to make timely payment against 2 Demand Notices (consecutive or separate) will disqualify the Home Buyer from BLUE Rewards Program. The approved cash back under BLUE Rewards Program cannot be adjusted against any outstanding. The approved cash back will be credited to the Home Buyer within 10 working days of realisation of the Milestone payment. Janapriya reserves the right to disqualify or deny the BLUE Reward Program to any individual.